Credit:  Microsoft Clip Art

Credit: Microsoft Clip Art

Tonight while having dinner hubby asked me a question I couldn’t answer to his satisfaction.  So let me know if you know the actual answer because I couldn’t convince him I knew anything about it.

Why can some TV stations we watch get away with airing sex & swearing as well as excessive violence when other channels can’t?

He was referring specifically to the Bravo TV station.  We were watching a small marathon of  “Homeland” we had previously DVR’d tonight & there were a lot of F-bombs being dropped.  This prompted his question.  In my mind, the reason channels like Bravo & Showcase follow different rules is because they are subscription stations much like the Playboy channel.  Since people have to pay separately for these channels or can choose not to order them, they don’t have to follow all the CRTC (in Canada) rules about sex, swearing & violence.

He said my reason wasn’t valid because we get those channels through our cable provider so they should have to follow the same rules as the networks.  Of course I nattered back that even though we get it through our cable provider, it’s still a subscription station – we had to choose to get those stations.

If you know the actual answer to this question, I’d really like to know.


Another saga in the forgetful conversations bin:

Hubby has been bugging me to try to find a doctor in our new area of the city.  Our current doctor is in Leduc which is south of the city & so it takes an hour to get there when we have doctor appointments.  I made some phone calls about 8 months ago, but I had not done anything since.  At that time I was unsuccessful in finding a new doctor in our area accepting patients.  Hubby asked again & I’ve forgotten a number of times, so when he reminded me again this week, I was determined to get it done.  After some research on the internet & a half dozen phone calls, I finally found a clinic in our area that was accepting patients, so I made an appointment for both of us to interview the doctor.

Me:  “Can you make sure you get away from work right on time or even a few minutes early tomorrow because I got us a doctor’s appointment for 5:30 p.m?”

Hubby:  “Oh, at the clinic down the road?”

Me:  “No, I told you months ago they weren’t accepting any patients.”

Hubby:  “No you didn’t.   You told me they only accepted walk-ins, then you could possibly become a permanent patient if the doctor decided to accept you.”

Me:  “That was the walk-in clinic down by the drug store & we weren’t sure we wanted to go there.”

Hubby:  “Are you sure . . . Never mind.”  He finally stopped talking when he got THE LOOK.