Credit:  Microsoft Clip Art

Credit: Microsoft Clip Art

Canadian federal politicians (House of Commons) are taking the summer off starting this week.  They obviously don’t have enough to do, so why not.  This week, in addition to their investigation into the expenses & speaking fees of senators (appointees), the feds (Conservatives) decided to throw the Liberal party leader (Justin Trudeau) into the mix & question speaking fees he earned before he ever became a federal politician.  The information about Justin Trudeau’s speaking fees was released by the Prime Minister’s Office (Steven Harper, Conservative).

How much time has already been wasted sniping at the senators?  If there are problems with how the senators are spending taxpayer money, a committee should be formed to investigate.  It shouldn’t be covered in the House of Commons day after day so each party can make the other party look bad.  Don’t our politicians have better things to do with their time?

“Between 2006 and 2009, Trudeau earned $1.3 million for public speaking engagements. He revealed that income during his campaign for the Liberal leadership and said he’d stopped accepting paid public speaking engagements after throwing his hat into the ring.”  report by CTV’s Richard Madan in Ottawa.

If there was a problem with the way Justin Trudeau earned his living before getting elected to public office, then this should have come out during the election, so the voters could make an informed opinion.  It shouldn’t be dealt with now, after he has been elected, delaying the business of running our country.

With the way Canadian politics runs today, I would be hard pressed to identify with any party – Conservative, Liberal, New Democrat, Green party, etc.  My opinions here are not based on party politics, but rather on the stupidity of our system, where our politicians waste days/weeks/months every year sniping at each other instead of doing the business of the country.

In my opinion, the politicians should have to take a pay cut for every hour they spend sniping at each other rather than doing what the taxpayers are paying them to do.