Credit:  Microsoft Clip Arts

Credit: Microsoft Clip Arts

Ever since hubby & I got our Keurig coffee maker we have been ordering coffee from Keurig directly. They have a better selection & usually we get a good price. Since we live in Canada, the box comes to us via courier. Usually there is no trouble, but not this time . . .

I should preface this by reminding my readers I live in a security building where you need to call up to get access to the building.  The button in the vestibule is connected to my phone.

We ordered a shipment of coffee on the July 1 long weekend.  Since it usually only takes 2 days to get our delivery, we hoped the coffee would arrive on July 3.  I made sure I would be available all day long on July 3 except I went to the bathroom & didn’t take my phone.  So guess what happened?  The Fed Ex driver called up while I was in the bathroom & I missed the call.  The driver left a call slip on the vestibule door.

On Thursday, July 4 we needed to drive to Calgary to pick up my daughter Sam who was visiting relatives there so she could have a visit with us.  The package had not arrived by the time we wanted to leave town so I called Fed Ex & explained the situation.  We were told to call back when we returned from Calgary & we should be able to pick the package up later in the afternoon.  We arrived back in Edmonton about 4:30 p.m. & when I called Fed Ex they said the package was still on the truck & wouldn’t be available until after 6 p.m.  So we asked if they would schedule the delivery for the next day.

I stayed home all day Friday, July 5.  The package had still not been delivered by 5 p.m. so we called Fed Ex again where we were told they had not scheduled the delivery since we had requested the package to be picked up.  Since they would not let us pick it up on Saturday, we asked for the delivery to be scheduled again for Monday, July 8.

Again, I stayed home all day & I carried my phone with me everywhere – even to the bathroom.  When the package had not arrived by 5 p.m. we called Fed Ex again & were told they tried to deliver the package at 1:22 p.m. & there was no answer.  No one called up to be buzzed in.  If they came into the building with someone else, guess where I was when they tried knocking on my door?  In the bathroom!

It would appear Fed Ex does not want me to go to the bathroom when I am expecting a package!