Credit:  Microsoft Clip Arts

Credit: Microsoft Clip Arts

Most of you probably know I have had a bad experience lately with Fed Ex.  Based on my observations this week, this is what I learned:

  1. When you’re expecting a delivery, even if you’re not sure what day the package is coming – never, ever go to the bathroom
  2. If you do go to the bathroom at any time during the week you are expecting your package, make sure you take your phone with you every single time
  3. If you miss the first attempt at delivering your package do NOT call the office to try to arrange for another attempt because no matter what you say, every attempt will just confuse the courier even more
  4. If you do call the office, do not try to be helpful because they will somehow mess all your information up which will again delay your delivery
  5. If you call the office, do not give them your personal information again (as in at least 3 times for every call), it will mess up the next attempt at delivery
  6. If you get fed up with the run around & ask to speak to a manager, specify you would like your call back the same day, otherwise your complaint call will take days to return
  7. If you finally get the manager to agree to delivering your package the next day by 10 a.m., don’t count on it because it might actually be 11:30 a.m. when it gets to you
  8. If you live in a security building, be prepared to drag your ass all the way down to the vestibule to pick up your package because the driver won’t understand how to get in the building, even though this same driver has delivered to you on 4 previous ocassions & was the same driver who called up when you missed the first delivery because you were in the bathroom (a week before)
  9. Purolator (who also delivered a parcel to me) gets it right the first time!