Maybe we can share some of our secrets with you?

How To Say Sorry
It may just mean an apology to you, but we also use it to say all sorts of things like “excuse me,” “thanks,” “just a minute” and “I barfed on your couch.” It’s the Swiss Army knife of the Canadian vocabulary and it works like a charm.

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How To Make Socialized Medicine Look Risky

You may worry single payer health care threatens your freedom by making you dependent on the government, but fear not! Our system is great but doesn’t cover dental. As a hockey nation this gives us plenty of freedom to have missing teeth. Besides, it builds character.

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How To Be a Likeable Patriot

Listen to some Stompin’ Tom and you’ll see that being a patriot doesn’t always mean you have to act like an a-hole.

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Gay Marriage is No Big Deal

Obviously you’re getting the idea, state-by-state, but take it from us – gay marriage isn’t the end of marital bliss. It’s been a decade since an Ontario court ruled blocking it was unconstitutional and eight years since the federal government made it legal nationwide, and so far the maple leaf hasn’t been replaced by the rainbow. We’ve just got a lot of happy couples and wedding planners.

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