Trust John Erickson to remind us of the grandmother who isn’t there but very much missed!

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I know I keep promising to get back into things, but the chores just keep on comin’! I’m hoping to get back into the whole blogosphere over the weekend, so until then, I’ll thank all of you for your continued patience, a random thought, and a little rhyme.

I was watching The Daily Show earlier today (kudos to John Oliver, he’s doing a pretty good job standing in for Jon Stewart) and realised that the censors bleeped part of the word “asshole” – the “hole” part. Really? So you CAN be an ass to a censor, just don’t be an asshole. Kinda like they way they’re handling “God damn” these days, by bleeping “God”. It’s refreshing to know that even the supposed “conscience” of television can have a screwed-up world view where God and holes are obscenities, but asses and damns aren’t. 😯

And because NOTHING can happen this week…

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