Shine On AwardI have been honored by Marsha from TC History Gal with the Shine On Award! Isn’t the logo pretty?  Now to figure out how to get this onto my Awards page (these widgets will be the death of me)!

You should definitely check out Marsha’s blog (see the link above).  She writes smart & funny posts about a variety of topics & even tries to help us (dummies?) learn something new!

There are some fairly simple rules:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog page.  Check
  2. Link back to the awesome person who nominated you.  Check
  3. Tell seven things about yourself.  Check
  4. Nominate 10 other bloggers who are deserving of this award.  Check

Seven things about myself:

  1. My hands are really dry right now because hubby came home early from work on Tuesday & was home sick all day yesterday with a cold.  So I spent half the last couple days washing my hands to try to avoid getting his cold!
  2. My hair has grown so much in the last year or so it is now almost to my waist
  3. Having hubby home sick for one & half days has reaffirmed how much I hate whining
  4. I never get anything done when hubby is home, so now I have to squeeze 5 days of work into only 3 days
  5. Now I have found a site on FB where I can play jigsaw puzzles for free, I am becoming addicted to these puzzles again!  Grrrrr
  6. I absolutely hate it when I am talking on the phone & someone else is trying to tell me what they want me to say in my conversation (cancelled a doctor’s appointment yesterday & hubby was trying to get me to ask a certain question while I was on the phone – stop already!)
  7. I was lucky enough to have six grandparents until I was aged 12 because my father’s parents divorced & each remarried.  I was in my 40’s when my last grandparent passed away.  A lot longer than most people have their grandparents.

Now – who to nominate?  Hmmmmmmm . . .

  1. Art from Pouring My Art Out
  2. Beth Ann from It’s Just Life
  3. Edward Hotspur
  4. Diatribes & Ovations
  5. Rarasaur
  6. Joe from Londonsurvival
  7. Linda Vernon Humor
  8. Zoe from Behind the Mask of Abuse
  9. Becoming Cliche
  10. Tilly Bud from the Laughing Housewife

Even if you don’t pass the award on, please accept it with my admiration for the great work you do & how you keep me entertained.