Credit:  Microsoft clip arts

Credit: Microsoft clip arts

It would appear Russia is doing it’s best to alienate some sectors of the rest of the world – gays & women!

Just recently Russia enacted a law against gay propaganda of any kind which would include athletes competing in the Sochi Olympics in 2014.  It’s apparently not illegal to be gay, it’s just illegal to acknowledge in any way you are gay.   You cannot show you are proud to be gay.  You cannot  even wear a rainbow pin without fear of being arrested.  Penalties include fines & 15 days in a Russian jail.  There has been some talk of boycotting the Olympics, but this only hurts the athletes.  Sports is for all people & this is the premise of the Olympics!

Some cities in North America are boycotting Russian vodka (in Canada so far Vancouver & Toronto) – bars will not sell it & other people are pouring it out into the streets.  Pouring vodka into the streets doesn’t make any sense to me though.  Russia doesn’t care what you do with the vodka as long as you buy it.  If you buy a bottle to pour it out, they still get the sale of the bottle!  Just don’t buy it in the first place, maybe by hitting them in the pocketbook, Russia will get the message about this new law not being okay.

The other law proposed is to give women 2 days off per month with pay for menstruation.  The new law is proposed because menstruating women struggle with pain, loss of memory & loss of focus ‘at that time of the month.’  Oh, please!  Can we just get a grip on reality here?  Women have been working, running households & doing a whole host of other things while menstruating for eons!  What are they going to do when, as often happens, all the women in an office sync their periods & the whole office has to shut down for 2 days a month?  It’s no worse than men working with a hangover.  This is just another way of saying women cannot function in the workplace as well as men!  It puts a divide between men & women.

I am against both these laws for the same reason – they are exclusionary!  Both laws try to exclude a certain sector of society.  You can’t legislate biology!  If they can throw you in jail for wearing a rainbow pin today, what will it be tomorrow?  Perhaps if you appear to be too feminine or too masculine for your gender, you can be arrested?

Let’s INCLUDE all peoples not exclude some!