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Ace Of Diamonds Birth Card

Qualities of the Birth Card are modified by astrological influences of planets associated with the Sun position at the moment we are born. If you are born on December 4, 1955, the planetary ruler for your astrological sign (Sagittarius) is Jupiter. Your Sun is positioned approximately in the Second decan of Sagittarius, ruled by Mars and Pluto. Find out the exact degree of your Sun placement to make sure your Planetary and Decanate cards are correct.
Ace Of DiamondsLeadership abilities, passion and high ambitions drive Ace Of Diamonds to the top positions at work and business. Ace Of Diamonds possess great self-motivating energy, unstoppable attitude, quick mind and creative nature. The most significant question from an early age is how do you draw the line between your professional and personal life. What is more important – ambitions or love?

Ace Of Diamonds are often very secretive about their personal life. They certainly prefer to stay away from emphasizing it, but in reality their quest for love might be more important than all other desires. They need to obtain a firm will and strong character as early as possible, and if they do, there is nothing can keep the Ace Of Diamonds person away from success.

Ace Of Diamonds are bright and clever, and often can get by on own “wits”, but good habits of self-discipline and study could be a wonderful asset in order to achieve their objectives. They are easily getting bored of routine. Their creative energy leads Ace Of Diamonds to change places, jobs, enterprises exposing the deep need to experience life to its full extend. In the professional life, the Ace Of Diamonds learns in a way of trials and errors. When given a choice between two jobs, two businesses, two ventures, it may take them a while to decide which idea to follow, and often they are willing to gamble for both.

Ace Of Diamonds have very special gift – an ability to influence people with their winning charm and the appeal of “universal love” which inevitably wins them honors and public recognition. Millions of ideas circulating through their brain can be expressed in writing, publishing, public speeches, movie making, anything that helps to promote their unusual theories to the world.

It is easier to be an Ace Of Diamonds man than a woman. Ace Of Diamonds natives need more personal space than anyone else, and suppressing their independence and talents in traditional marriage can be devastating to their appreciation of life. Someone who can understand the Ace Of Diamonds spectacular character and love them just a way they are, will support the strength and the power in achieving their goals and happiness and the content within themselves.  (© 2011 – 2013

I would have to say this is a pretty close approximation of my personality.  I am very creative & restless.  Besides my relationships with my birth family, my marriage to hubby has been the longest relationship of my life.  I don’t tend to stay with a job for a long time (although I’m not a job hopper) because I get bored & want to see what else is new.  I could also use a good dose of self-discipline!

Thanks to Rawr for the wonderful idea for this blog post:  If you would like to know your own birth card, check it out here.  Let me know what your birth card is & if it’s true to your own personality in the comments below!