Dear Zynga,
One of the reasons I first started with Facebook a couple years ago was because my daughter told me you could play games for free. I love to play games & prior to signing up I used to play card games like Canasta, Hearts, Spades & Solitaire.  We only had one computer at the time & we used it for other things besides playing games.  Of course, I played other games too when I could talk hubby into buying some – Sims, Sim Cities & a few others. I still have my daughter’s old Nintendo with Dragon Fighter on it as well.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I found Zynga Games I could play for free on Facebook.  I started out with Pioneer Trail, but it was difficult to play because I didn’t have enough “friends” so the quests would expire long before I could get anywhere near the number of things I needed to collect.  I then moved on to Cafe World where I had a little more success.   A group of players who banded together to help each other out found me & it made the game much more enjoyable.  Before long, my “group” moved on to Farmville, Castleville & Cafeville, so I followed them there, but I soon lost interest in Farmville.  I tried a number of other games over the last year, but nothing stuck with me until I tried Coasterville & then I was hooked.  I loved playing the game & building an amusement park.  The goals were attainable but still challenging. & hubby started to play it too.  Soon, we discovered if we signed on directly through Zynga we were opening ourselves up to a whole other set of “friends” we could call upon to help us with our quests.

As the game grew more popular, we started getting more & more interruptions to view commercials – “Thanks for watching, this helps keep our games free to play” kept popping up in the middle of our game.  And then Shockwave (the program to run the graphics & illustrations) started crashing.  First it affected Castleville until it became impossible to play the game at all.  Now it has moved on to Coasterville & I am at the point where I am ready to give up on this game as well.  But not only on this game – on any game associated with Zynga!

You can send Zynga an email outlining your problems & you don’t get a response.  And the problems don’t get fixed either.  I have finally had enough!  Goodbye Zynga – I won’t miss you!