Credit:  Benzeknees hubby

Credit: Benzeknees hubby

Many of you know already, my daughter Samantha came for a visit early in July. It was her first visit from Wpg. & we had to drive down to Calgary to pick her up from my former sister’s-in-law home.  I already wrote a post about the drive back to Calgary through a severe hail storm:  What I may have failed to convey during that post was the fear my daughter was feeling at being driven around by Kelvin.  Even I (sometimes) feel afraid at his driving skills recently.

After all the hugs & kisses, loading her suitcase into the back of the Jeep had been accomplished, we set off from Calgary to drive back to Edmonton with my precious daughter Samantha in the back seat.  Sam & I continued to catch up on all our news as Kelvin negotiated his way out of Calgary.  As we’re talking, I notice Sam keeps gripping the handle in the back seat.  She also keeps looking pointedly at Kelvin (who is driving).  Kelvin’s driving habits have changed a bit over the last few years (at least in my estimation).  He tends to brake later (causing me to try putting my foot through the floor of the passenger side) & he swerves a bit – where is eyes go, so does the wheel.  I have mentioned it to him a few times, he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with his driving.

Finally getting the hint, I ask Sam about a post on her FB page during her drive to Calgary with her father’s mother.

“So I saw the post on your page where you put a pic of your grandmother driving with the caption “Grandma NOT letting me drive.”   What was that all about?”  I ask.

“Oh, you saw that.  We drove all the way to Calgary in one shot & I did a lot of the driving.”  Sam replies, “But at one point I got a little tired so Grandma took over while I had a short nap.  When I woke up again I wanted to take back the wheel, but she kept insisting she was OK to drive.”

“So what was wrong with that?”

“You know Grandma,”  Sam quips, “She’s so short she can barely see over the steering wheel.  Plus I found it kind of alarming because she tends to drive too close to the other lane all the time.  It feels like she’s going to wander right into the passing lane.  It’s hard to be a passenger with an older driver.”

While she’s telling me this, she keeps motioning with her head toward Kelvin (in the driver’s seat).  I (finally) get the hint & steer the conversation her way.

“So you really like highway driving?”  I feed her the lead.

“Yes, I love highway driving!”  Sam replies enthusiastically.  “Kelvin, are you tired from driving down from Edmonton?  I would be happy to drive back to Edmonton for you.”

Thankfully Kelvin was a little tired, so “Just let me get us out of the city, I’ll pull over at a gas station & we can switch drivers.  Then you guys can yack all you want & I’ll have a little nap.”

Ten minutes later we switched drivers, Kelvin napped most of the way back to Edmonton.  We did the same thing on the drive back to Calgary.  I hope Kelvin never realizes Samantha wanted to drive because she was scared as a passenger being driven by him.

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