Till Death Do Us PartSorry for the switcheroo here, but this weekend I have to take part of the responsibility for what happened (loathe as I am to EVER take the blame for anything wrong in our relationship :)).

Let me preface this story by telling you Kelvin (hubby) does all the grocery shopping in our household since I have mobility issues.  Not long ago, he purchased a family pack of steaks (which is not unusual) & we re-pack it in meal size packs for ourselves.  The first meal we had of these particular steaks was dreadful.  The steaks were tough, there was a lot of gristle & fat.  We did not enjoy them at all.  So this weekend we decided to use up the balance of the steaks in a stew to make the meat more edible.    I like to make my stew with root veggies since I cook it all afternoon in a crockpot.

As I started preparing the meat by cutting away all visible gristle & fat, Kelvin cut up the potatoes & turnip.  While he was working, Kelvin got the crockpot out of the cupboard & put it on the counter.  After I browned the meat I put it into the crockpot, added carrots, canned tomatoes, some water, a few spices & then Kelvin started adding potatoes & turnip.  We had planned to add onions & celery, but both of us forgot & left the kitchen without adding them.  We both thought the other one had done it & neither did.

About 30 minutes later, Kelvin returned to the kitchen to get some water, “Did you want the crockpot on?”

“Of course, why?”

“You might want to plug it in then.”