Credit:  Benzeknees hubby

Credit: Benzeknees hubby

As he does every day, Kelvin asked, “What are we doing for dinner?”

I swear the man starts thinking about dinner as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning.  Kelvin does his fair share of cooking & is almost always ready to BBQ no matter what season, but he does drive me nuts with this question every day.  Unless I have something specific in mind, I personally don’t worry about dinner until mid-afternoon.

“I was thinking about just doing Tuna Helper, but I’m not sure if we have enough milk left.  I didn’t even have cereal this morning because I didn’t think there would be enough milk,”  I replied.

“You didn’t have cereal this morning?”

“No, I had toast.”  (We were sitting side by side on the couch when I ate the toast).

“So you don’t think there’s enough milk to make Tuna Helper?”

Bang, bang, bang (the sound of my head hitting my laptop).