Credit:  Benzeknees hubby

Credit: Benzeknees hubby

Hubby & I met through a phone dating service except we never replied to each other. He went out with a friend of mine who wasn’t sure he was right for her.  Said friend seemed to be more impressed with his 4×4 & his gold Mastercard than Kelvin himself.  For their second date she tricked me into going along with them (by saying she would like my opinion of him) on a drive about an hour north of Winnipeg to a lake & back.  The drive was supposed to be the end of the date but Kelvin didn’t seem to get the hint.  Friend (E) was going to have dinner at my place because I was teaching her how to type so she could get a better job.  Kelvin suggested we get a movie for when E was finished with her lesson & more or less invited himself to my place.

While E was practicing her typing, Kelvin & I made some snacks & munchies in the kitchen.  We got along well.   We laughed the whole time.  E fell asleep during the movie & Kelvin & I continued to get to know each other.  I could sense some attraction between us but definitely kept things on a friend only basis.  Kelvin had surmised E was “not that into him” & instead of continuing to date her, he thought he would rather date me.  When E awoke from her nap she noticed the difference in Kelvin’s behavior & got ticked off.

When they left my home E & Kelvin had a big fight.   Kelvin’s main point was that E didn’t want him anyway, so why shouldn’t he be able to go out with someone he liked better (even if I was her friend).  Then when he asked her if she would be okay with it if he asked me out, she got all upset & said she would prefer he not date me.  Then she phoned me & was totally bummed out he wanted to go out with me.  I reassured her I would not do anything to damage our friendship.  Over the next couple weeks she continued to rant about Kelvin’s behavior & finally admitted she thought we would like each other when she introduced us.

In the meantime, Kelvin was still calling her to convince her to let him date me.  He was also calling me, but I was not accepting his calls.   Then she finally gave us her blessing to date each other.

In the end, the friendship did not survive.