Credit:  Microsoft Clip Arts

Credit: Microsoft Clip Arts

When I was 6 years old, my family moved to a brand new subdivision in Winnipeg. It was the furthest west the city had expanded at the time. I went to school there from Grades 2 – 12 & lived with my parents until a couple months after my 18th birthday. A lot of interesting things happened in this neighborhood, but I think what will stick with me the longest is the haunted house.

My girlfriend lived in a house which seemed to be the gathering place for most of my group of friends.  It might have been her parents were the most permissive or they went out a lot.  Their house looked like any other house in our neighborhood – a regular 3 bedroom bungalow.  It was what happened inside the house that made it haunted . . .

There were 5 girls in our group & we were sleeping over at L’s house.  L had told us her house was haunted by the spirits of natives who used to own all the land around where the 2 rivers met.  We decided to have a seance to see if we could summon one of the spirits.  We were all alone in the basement of the house.  Our sleeping bags were laid out in a circle with a large pillar candle in the middle.

We all held hands & L chanted,  “Spirits from beyond, we summon you to us.  If you can hear us please make yourself known to us.  You are among friends.  We wish you no harm.  We only wish to speak with you..  Come to us, oh spirits from beyond.”

The candle started to flicker & everyone started looking around to see if anything was happening.  My place happened to be with my back to the wall where all the shadows were flickering.  L continued chanting & the candle flickered ever faster.  All eyes were on L as she chanted.  Then I noticed the girl across from me looking over my shoulder towards the wall while her eyes got bigger & bigger.  She motioned to the girls on each side of her to look at the wall behind me.  Soon all the girls were staring at the wall behind me with huge eyes & open mouths.

We were all still holding hands until I glanced over my shoulder & saw the shadow of an Indian Chief in full headress with a tomahawk in his hand.  He was swiping the tomahawk down towards my head!   I let go of the other girls’ hands & jumped away from the wall.  The shadow disappeared.

I did not sleep at all the rest of the night.  This was just the first of a number of incidents to happen to me in this house.