Credit:  Benzeknees hubby

Credit: Benzeknees hubby

If you’ve ever read any of my Life with Kelvin posts, you know in our household, food & what’s for dinner is a theme of everyday conversation.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday in our house & Kelvin had a big sleep in (which is more usual for me).  By the time he woke up, I had already had my breakfast by the time he suggested ham & eggs.  But his suggestion stuck with me, so when he asked what we should eat for dinner I suggested omelettes.  Most of the time we have ham & cheese plus whatever veggies we have in the fridge.

Late in the afternoon, Kelvin got up to start dinner, “Do you want cheese on yours?”

“Yessss,” I was very confused by the question.  “Why do you ask?  We usually have the cheese IN the omelette.”

I could see Kelvin had a confused look on his face, then the light bulb went on, “I’m making poached eggs!  I heard you say omelette & I fully intended to make an omelette, but when I got here in the kitchen I started poached eggs.”