Credit:  Microsoft Clip Arts

Credit: Microsoft Clip Arts

Since it’s Hallowe’en, I will finally divulge my most scary supernatural encounter.  Here’s Part I if you didn’t catch it:

My group of friends would gather at L’s house a lot when I was a tween & teen.  One Thanksgiving weekend, my parents decided to visit family out of town, so I stayed at L’s house for the whole long weekend.  On Saturday night L’s parents went out for the evening leaving L & I to babysit her younger sister Kim.  No sooner had L’s parents left the house than the rest of our friends showed up.  Coincidence, right?  After about an hour everyone decided they wanted to go out for hot chocolate & I agreed to stay behind to sit with Kim.

As the car was pulling out of the driveway I thought I heard steps on the basement floor.  I was in the kitchen reading, so I opened the door to the back landing & called down to see if one of the guys had stayed behind but no one answered.  As soon as I closed the door & sat back at the kitchen table the footsteps started again.  Again, I opened the door & called down thinking someone was playing a joke on me but no one answered.  I was getting worried by this point, so I double checked on Kim.  She was sound asleep, so I checked the whole rest of the main floor.  I was too scared to go downstairs.

As soon as I sat back down at the kitchen table, the footsteps started again but now they were climbing the stairs up from the basement.  Please remember this is long before cell phones, so I had no way to contact my friends to ask for help.  I got up, went to the cutlery drawer, got the biggest knife I could find & boosted myself up onto the counter with my back in a corner.  When the footsteps reached the back landing they stopped & didn’t come any further.

I sat in the corner of the kitchen counter for over an hour holding a big knife until I saw the headlights from my friend’s car pull into the driveway.  Then I heard the footsteps going back down the steps.  The lower they got the fainter they got until they faded completely away.  When L came in the house she had a good laugh at me.  Apparently there is a ghost in her house who protects you by standing by the back door so no one can come in to hurt you when you are alone.

I never volunteered to babysit at L’s house again.

Happy Hallowe’en!