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Guess what? I decided to take the plunge this year & attempt NaNoWriMo. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, I’m going to try to get them down somewhere to see if I can make sense of them or even if they would make a good story.  I have been flirting with one main theme for quite a while & I think through some of the details almost every night as I’m trying to fall asleep.  Because I have nothing written down anywhere I think I am spending way too much time on the same thing over & over, so I want to try to flesh it out more by putting down what I know for sure at this point.

Of course, this means I won’t have as much time to spend reading blogs as I do now & it makes me very sad.   I enjoy reading about everyone’s exploits so much, it’s the best part of my day!  I am going to try scheduling my Tickle Me Tuesday posts & we’ll have to see what happens with Life with Kelvin (right now he’s driving me crazy because I told him I need to get some work done today, but he doesn’t consider blogging work so he’s laughing at me).  If he doesn’t find a job soon, I think I’ll quietly go crazy.  He’s unloading the dishwasher as I write this, banging pots around & cursing under his breath, not realizing this is disturbing to me.  I guess I should be grateful he’s unloading the dishwasher!

I have another task to take care of before I sequester myself away for a month – Princess Rosebud of has kindly bestowed the You Are a Winner badge on me to remind me, even though WordPress doesn’t think I’m Freshly Pressed worthy, there are other bloggers out there who think I’m pretty good.  You can see the badge on the right side of my page.  Thankfully this is one of those badges where you don’t have to do anything – you can accept it or not, pass it on or not & there are no rules!  But I would like to pass it on to a few of my buddies to let them know I am thinking of them:

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Now, I have tried to pick friends who I know have not been freshly pressed, so if your name isn’t here it’s because I thought you were Freshly Pressed already.  Otherwise I would have also mentioned:

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So now, maybe you can see, why I spend so much time reading blogs instead of writing.  Anyway, for November it’s going to change.  I hope I can do the whole NaNoWriMo challenge, so if you don’t see me around your blog as much – it’s not because I don’t care about you – it’s because I care about me & my writing a little more (for the time being).  I will try to get caught up as soon as I can.  In the meantime I hope you will wish me luck!