Bandit's First Bed

Bandit’s First Bed

Bernie from One Mixed Bag inspired this post.   She wrote this wonderful post about what it’s like sleeping with pets.  This topic has actually been whirling around the edges of my brain for quite some time (I’ve been missing having a dog), so I thought why not write about it?

Many of you who follow me will know I lost my beloved Bandit (fur baby) a couple of summers ago to old age related illness.  He was 13 & had been with us from the time he was 5 weeks old.  We lived in Pickle Lake when we first got Bandit & hubby (Kelvin) was adamant “the dog would not be sleeping on the bed with us!”  Back then Kelvin made a lot of rules about the dog since he didn’t want the dog in the first place, but got stuck with him when a friend gave me Bandit as a Christmas present when her dog had puppies.  Even though he also fell in love with Bandit at first sight, he did stick to some of his rules for about the first year.

The rules got relaxed a bit when Kelvin spent 7 months commuting to Winnipeg & back.  He was pressed into helping out the family of his old business partner after said partner died, leaving the business in a bit of a mess due to some shady dealings by a salesman who was supposed to be “helping out”.  So Kelvin would drive back & forth to Winnipeg (8 hour drive each way).  He would stay with his mother & work in the city for about 3 weeks.  Then he would drive back to Pickle Lake for about 5 days, then back to Winnipeg again.  This was supposed to be a short term solution which dragged on too long.

While Kelvin was in Winnipeg, I invited Bandit to sleep on the bed with me.   Bandit would come up & snuggle with me & get his tummy rubbed.  Both of us thoroughly enjoyed taking up Kelvin’s space in the bed.  When Kelvin would come back home, Bandit would once again have to return to the floor to sleep, but as soon as Kelvin left for Wpg. Bandit was back on the bed.  As time went on, even when Kelvin was home, Bandit stayed on the bed.   But with Kelvin & I both in the bed, Bandit was relegated to the foot of the bed which is where he seemed to like it best anyway.

Through different stages in our marriage, work commitments, etc. have sometimes meant sometimes only one of us would be in the bed at a time or for part of the night & this is when Bandit loved sleeping on the bed the most.  He would stretch out sideways on the side of the missing parent, taking up their whole space if not more.  If Bandit was asleep on your side of the bed when you wanted to get in, you could stand there motioning with your hands, whispering commands (so you didn’t wake up your sleeping partner) for him to move, but NOTHING was going to move that dog.  He’d lift his head, look at you with his puppy dog eyes & plop his head back down without moving an inch.  You could push him around or lift the covers up & slide him over so you could crawl onto the edge of the bed.  He didn’t like being crowded so once both adults were in the bed, he would move to the foot of the bed where he would stretch out fully on his side taking up all my foot room.  Once the 2nd parent got into bed, Bandit would get up & down throughout the night, but would always sleep where my feet were supposed to go.  I used to wonder why he never slept at Kelvin’s feet, but then I spent some sleepless nights in the bed (insomnia) & realized Kelvin kicks all night, so Bandit was very smart!