Birthday CandlesSorry this is so late, but some idiot hit a hydro pole with his vehicle & knocked out power in our area for a few hours & of course I didn’t pay enough attention to my calendar to prepare anything in advance . . . but still Happy Birthday Hotspur!

If you don’t know who Hotspur is, may I suggest you pop over to his blog

Hotspur will keep you entertained with poetry, daily prompts, he used to do a series called Romantic Mondays (anyone who knows him will understand where he gets his romantic streak from – just ask his wife or check out some of the tributes he has written to her), he wrote a couple of books on driving to work & has outrageously deep & dark thoughts.  He’s tremendously talented & often inspirational.   He may have (what I consider) strange taste in music, but he’s one hell of a guy!  Go wish him a Happy Birthday! (please)