I just had to re-blog this post by Chris Donner because all my life people have been calling me snobby because I have a hard time in social situations. I have always said I am just shy, but it’s not just a matter of being shy in my case – I am an introvert! I can no longer disguise this fact. I don’t make friends easily & I treasure the ones I do have (especially on the blogs because I get to control how much of their “noise” I allow into my space by controlling how much I contribute to their comments or decide when I will read their posts. Most people might not guess this about me, especially if they only know me from blogging, because I can interact here so much better than I can in person. But I’d like my blogging buddies to understand what it means to be an introvert & why I sometimes disappear for a while. Thanks Chris for putting this in such a way I think my buddies will understand!