credit:  61 Musings

credit: 61 Musings

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Like most introverts I am no stranger to focus.  When I am really involved in a project (usually my writing or my course work), Kelvin sometimes has to wave my dinner plate under my nose for me to realize it’s dinner time!  He finds this extremely irritating, (he thinks I should notice when he’s in the kitchen & preparing food), but really it’s just background noise to me when I’m really involved.  He has now taken to giving me a 10 minute warning when the food is almost ready, so I can wrap up what I am doing & pay attention when it’s dinner time.

While I would find it extremely difficult to write my novel in a crowded cafe (like J.K. Rowling), I can write in a room with the TV going & really have no idea what is playing on the screen.  When picking a program to watch, Kelvin has found the secret – he asks if I will be paying attention to the TV before choosing a program.  He has some programs he only watches (like TMZ or The Soup) which he will watch if I’m not paying attention, there are some programs I only watch (like Grey’s Anatomy, The Following & Game of Thrones – I tend to prefer programs which make me think too like Elementary or the British version Sherlock) which I watch when he’s away or napping & then there are the programs we watch together.

I prefer to write in the quiet – no TV or music playing.  If Kelvin is napping or out of the apartment – so much the better!  Sometimes Kelvin accuses me of making excuses for him to leave home (like ordering a prescription to be picked up) so I can have time to myself – (sshh, he’s not wrong).

credit:  focus stock photos

credit: focus stock photos