credit:  Online Stock Photos

credit: Online Stock Photos

Just an indication of how my day has been:  I awoke from a deep sleep at 4 a.m. this morning coughing my head off because of post nasal drip.  My allergies are really driving me nuts with all the pollen in the air here.  It took about 10 minutes to get my breathing back under control.

I moved to my recliner to finish sleeping, where I was lucky enough to fall asleep quite quickly (I guess I was worn out).   It felt like I fell into stress dreams almost as soon as I fell asleep (& no I was not drinking!) –

  • I was stuck in a mall (I hate shopping) & I needed to use the bathroom.  I could not find a bathroom anywhere.  I hobbled up & down the mall looking for the bathroom, every person I asked had no idea where to find the bathroom.
  • I was getting more & more worried & so I ducked into a nearby office building looking for a bathroom.  It turned out this office building was one of the many locations of my former employer.  I finally found a bathroom but it said for employees only.  Because my need was so great I ignored the sign.
  • When I reached for the door it wouldn’t open – different stalls had different prices to open the doors, some were 10 cents & some were 19 cents.  I didn’t have any money.
  • I finally found one with an open door because the lock was broken but I was desperate & so I went in.  No sooner had I settled onto the commode than I was attacked by a man trying to rape me.
  • After fighting with him for what seemed like forever, I woke up to find the yard maintenance crew was working outside aerating the grass & blowing all the dust into the air.  Now I am really plugged up & coughing again.
Credit:  Cee's Photography

Credit: Cee’s Photography

Here is my contribution to Share Your World for this week. 

How many places have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.

I grew up & lived all my life in Winnipeg, MB, Canada until I was 40 & met K.  Within 6 months we moved to Pickle Lake, ON where we lived for approx. 10 years, then we moved to Leduc, AB, then Beaumont, AB, then Edmonton, AB.

What type of music relaxes you the most?

No music relaxes me the most.  I am the type of person who is perfectly happy in a completely quiet room.  I sometimes enjoy music, but not a whole lot anymore.

If you could instantly become fluent in another language, what would that language be and why?

I already know a smattering of Spanish & French, so I guess I would like to become fluent in German.  German was K’s first language & sometimes when we are watching TV programs there will be German (with subtitles) & the translations are not always accurate.  Plus then I could understand his curses better.

If you could fly or breathe under water what would you prefer?

A little while ago I would have said fly, but now with COPD I would like any breathing advantage I could get.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I think I’m thankful for the rain we got this week.  We had about a 1.5 days of soaking rain which helped to tamp down some of the dust.  The disadvantage though is it encourages blooming plants which adds to the pollen count.