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credit: Online Stock Photos

Good morning everyone! This is not an easy post to write today. After a 6 month wait, I finally got in to see the pulmonary specialist & the news was not the best. Where I was under the impression I had mild to moderate COPD, he informed me this morning I have moderately severe COPD which means I skipped the whole moderate section while I wasn’t looking! LOL! 

I have to have a lot more tests done now – a lot of them dealing with my heart because I am experiencing chest pains & numbness in my left arm & then even more tests for the COPD because something has shown up on the x-ray which was never mentioned to me before.  I have to be assessed for at home oxygen.  The specialist added yet another puffer to my regime which costs a fortune, but because hubby just started work & we don’t have prescription coverage yet, the doctor was nice enough to prescribe a new drug with a drug company free trial for a while.

With the news this morning & his recommendations, I am hoping to finally get some provincial & federal disability coverage so at least my meds will be paid for.  Quite frankly, the hoops they make you jump through are very tiring – & all of this when you are already sick.

Next week (Thursday & Friday) I have to go for a MIBI test (a chemical stress test of my heart) since I am not able to do a physical stress test.  It involves a machine like an MRI & is done over a 2 day period.  I am terrified!  I am extremely claustrophobic & have had difficulties with these machines in the past – panic attacks in the machine causing them to have to stop the test & then I have to start all over again.  I have gotten permission from my psychiatrist to up my meds on that day so I will be partially sedated.

The only good news this week – I lost 11 pounds!  I have been struggling to lose some weight because it would be easier on my knee & back & would definitely help with my breathing.  I had been sitting at a plateau for the last 6 months due to thyroid problems even though I was taking medication.  But it seems I have finally broken through the plateau.  This makes about 30 pounds lost for me since June of last year.

Please understand, I don’t tell you this because I am looking for sympathy.  My posting schedule has been pretty erratic lately & with all the tests, etc. I have to go through now, it may get even more erratic.  A lot of these tests wear me out so much I end up coming home & napping for days to get caught up.  I have not forgotten any of you & I try to catch up with reading your posts when I can.

Any good thoughts or prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Love to you all!

~ Benze