Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

You may be wondering why my Tickle Me Tuesday post this week is a little different.  As I was preparing my blog this week, I learned we had lost a great comedian yesterday.  For many years Robin Williams provided me with many laughs & what better place to honor his comedy than on a post intended to make you laugh?

I first became aware of Robin Williams as an alien named Mork on the series Mork & Mindy.  From the first episode I was hooked – Nanoo, Nanoo!  I loved the chemistry between Robin Williams & Pam Dawber and Robin & Jonathan Winters.  I never missed an episode & at times I laughed till the tears rolled down my face.

Some of my favorite movies were Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man, What Dreams May Come, Awakenings, The Birdcage, License to Wed, Nine Months, Moscow on the Hudson, Father’s Day (I have License to Wed on my PVR waiting for a rainy afternoon to watch it).

I also loved his stand up specials, especially Comic Relief with Billy Crystal & Whoopi Goldberg!

RIP Robin Williams!  You will be missed!

1951 - 2014

1951 – 2014