I thought this was a very powerful message that does not only have to apply men/boys. It could easily apply to “instant gratification” society.



Being away from my hometown, I went exploring to find a ‘new’ church.
Someone suggested I try Northview Church because it was very similar to the church my mom goes to. After many, many traffic circles and wrong turns I finally made it to the church. The worship band was outstanding and I completely felt like I was standing in heaven with a bunch of singing angels all around me. The lively music led to an amazing message given by a guest pastor, Brian Tome. He started by saying, “Guys, this is a message for you. I’m going to be acting like these girls aren’t even here and we are sitting on my back porch”. Although he wasn’t talking to me, I learned a lot. He explained that he was going to be teaching us the difference between a boy and a man. More than ever, society is trying to…

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