Unfortunately, this kind of post could get you killed in certain circles, as evidenced by the debacle at Charlie Hebron in France yesterday. This is why I thought it was so important to re-blog this!

Pouring My Art Out

Dear ISIS, you petulant, spoiled, obnoxious little baby-men…

a 1 a 1

Islam was once renowned for its tolerance of other religions and open-mindedness, as well the beauty of its architecture, its culture and its interest in education and learning. So what the hell happened to you guys? Why do fundamentalists always think their god is going to give them extra bonus points for blind exuberance and mindlessly getting carried away?

Yes, you are supposed to convert the infidel… with words. Your religion asks you to be thoughtful and contemplate the wisdom of its message. It asks you to convince others of the truth of these messages. Converting people is the challenge. If you kill them, you lose your chance to do that. You are lazy and stupid and you are taking the cowards way out. Because it might take living side by side with unbelievers for decades, and engaging them in conversation, and listening to their viewpoints, and expressing the…

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