These posts first appeared on Pouring My Art Out in November, 2014 but they are so appropriate for what is happening in our world now!

Pouring My Art Out

Words are so powerful. They exist only as puffs of air and the vibrations of our vocal chords that transmit sound waves that react with the eardrums of other human beings. And yet words are so much more. They encapsulate everything that we are as human beings. They help us spread ideas and concepts. Organized society could not exist without us working together, and words allow us to do that. They let us pass knowledge down through the ages.

They are tools… and they are weapons. They can spread love and joy, or hate and violence. Words are how we reach out into the world around us and connect with other people. Words, in and of themselves, are nothing. But they represent real things, real emotions, real events, real history, real reality. And they allow us to conceive of the future and create things and beings and places that do not actually…

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