I Surrender!


Dear Zynga,
One of the reasons I first started with Facebook a couple years ago was because my daughter told me you could play games for free. I love to play games & prior to signing up I used to play card games like Canasta, Hearts, Spades & Solitaire.  We only had one computer at the time & we used it for other things besides playing games.  Of course, I played other games too when I could talk hubby into buying some – Sims, Sim Cities & a few others. I still have my daughter’s old Nintendo with Dragon Fighter on it as well.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I found Zynga Games I could play for free on Facebook.  I started out with Pioneer Trail, but it was difficult to play because I didn’t have enough “friends” so the quests would expire long before I could get anywhere near the number of things I needed to collect.  I then moved on to Cafe World where I had a little more success.   A group of players who banded together to help each other out found me & it made the game much more enjoyable.  Before long, my “group” moved on to Farmville, Castleville & Cafeville, so I followed them there, but I soon lost interest in Farmville.  I tried a number of other games over the last year, but nothing stuck with me until I tried Coasterville & then I was hooked.  I loved playing the game & building an amusement park.  The goals were attainable but still challenging. & hubby started to play it too.  Soon, we discovered if we signed on directly through Zynga we were opening ourselves up to a whole other set of “friends” we could call upon to help us with our quests.

As the game grew more popular, we started getting more & more interruptions to view commercials – “Thanks for watching, this helps keep our games free to play” kept popping up in the middle of our game.  And then Shockwave (the program to run the graphics & illustrations) started crashing.  First it affected Castleville until it became impossible to play the game at all.  Now it has moved on to Coasterville & I am at the point where I am ready to give up on this game as well.  But not only on this game – on any game associated with Zynga!

You can send Zynga an email outlining your problems & you don’t get a response.  And the problems don’t get fixed either.  I have finally had enough!  Goodbye Zynga – I won’t miss you!

Ace of Diamonds


Credit:  Seven Diamonds Website

Credit: Seven Reflections Website

Ace Of Diamonds Birth Card

Qualities of the Birth Card are modified by astrological influences of planets associated with the Sun position at the moment we are born. If you are born on December 4, 1955, the planetary ruler for your astrological sign (Sagittarius) is Jupiter. Your Sun is positioned approximately in the Second decan of Sagittarius, ruled by Mars and Pluto. Find out the exact degree of your Sun placement to make sure your Planetary and Decanate cards are correct.
Ace Of DiamondsLeadership abilities, passion and high ambitions drive Ace Of Diamonds to the top positions at work and business. Ace Of Diamonds possess great self-motivating energy, unstoppable attitude, quick mind and creative nature. The most significant question from an early age is how do you draw the line between your professional and personal life. What is more important – ambitions or love?

Ace Of Diamonds are often very secretive about their personal life. They certainly prefer to stay away from emphasizing it, but in reality their quest for love might be more important than all other desires. They need to obtain a firm will and strong character as early as possible, and if they do, there is nothing can keep the Ace Of Diamonds person away from success.

Ace Of Diamonds are bright and clever, and often can get by on own “wits”, but good habits of self-discipline and study could be a wonderful asset in order to achieve their objectives. They are easily getting bored of routine. Their creative energy leads Ace Of Diamonds to change places, jobs, enterprises exposing the deep need to experience life to its full extend. In the professional life, the Ace Of Diamonds learns in a way of trials and errors. When given a choice between two jobs, two businesses, two ventures, it may take them a while to decide which idea to follow, and often they are willing to gamble for both.

Ace Of Diamonds have very special gift – an ability to influence people with their winning charm and the appeal of “universal love” which inevitably wins them honors and public recognition. Millions of ideas circulating through their brain can be expressed in writing, publishing, public speeches, movie making, anything that helps to promote their unusual theories to the world.

It is easier to be an Ace Of Diamonds man than a woman. Ace Of Diamonds natives need more personal space than anyone else, and suppressing their independence and talents in traditional marriage can be devastating to their appreciation of life. Someone who can understand the Ace Of Diamonds spectacular character and love them just a way they are, will support the strength and the power in achieving their goals and happiness and the content within themselves.  (© 2011 – 2013 SevenReflections.com.)

I would have to say this is a pretty close approximation of my personality.  I am very creative & restless.  Besides my relationships with my birth family, my marriage to hubby has been the longest relationship of my life.  I don’t tend to stay with a job for a long time (although I’m not a job hopper) because I get bored & want to see what else is new.  I could also use a good dose of self-discipline!

Thanks to Rawr for the wonderful idea for this blog post:   http://rarasaur.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/queen-of-hearts/  If you would like to know your own birth card, check it out here.  Let me know what your birth card is & if it’s true to your own personality in the comments below!

Q is for Quiz


Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

On April 15, Beth Ann from It’s Just Life posed the following quiz on her blog.  Beth Ann is a truly wonderful person & great blogger who donates money to good causes for every comment she receives, so I highly recommend you go visit her.

I thought I might have to wait until I was finished the A to Z Challenge to answer the questions, but then I hit Q & Quiz just seemed like the perfect thing!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?  I was living in Pickle Lake, ON, running my own corner store with my hubby.  We were open 7 days a week, 364 days a year (we closed Christmas Day).  We sold gas, rented movies, cooked chicken/pizza/sandwiches/desserts, sold groceries & rented the Rug Doctor.  During Winter Road season we were available to travellers 24 hours a day – hubby worked days & I worked through the night since I was suffering from insomnia then too.

2. What 5 things are on your To-Do list Call hubby’s urologist to get him an appointment, go through the papers on the desk & sort for taxes, figure out how to get e-books from my computer into my reader, do laundry & get my book review finished.

 3.What are 5 snacks you enjoy?  Jelly beans, chocolate covered nuts or ju jubes, hummus on tortilla chips, homemade munchie mix, Riesen chocolate covered caramels.

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:   I would make sure all my kids were looked after, make hubby retire, buy a motorhome & travel around North America writing a blog.

5.Name some places you have lived:

  1. Winnipeg, MB
  2. Pickle Lake, ON
  3. Leduc, AB
  4. Beaumont, AB
  5. Edmonton, AB

6. Name some bad habits you have:  Overeating, getting so distracted by reading & writing to the point where I do nothing else for a full day, ending up with a crick in my neck

7.Name some jobs you have had:  Model, inventory clerk, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, accounting clerk, secretary, administrative assistant, executive assistant, business owner


Please comment on Beth Ann’s blog so her comment count goes up – the donation she makes is such a worthy cause. http://bethannchiles.com/2013/02/11/giveaway-with-an-ulterior-motive/#comment-22903

It's Just Life

It’s time for a giveaway here at It’s Just Life but I have to be honest.  I have an ulterior motive.  I am fully disclosing this up front.  You see—the month is almost half over and my comments are not where I would like them to be.  If you have followed me for any time you know that I have a Comments for a Cause on my blog and for each legitimate comment during that month on any post (heck–it could be on a post from 2008 for all I care!) I will donate 50 cents to my cause. This month I am hoping to make a nice donation to the Tom Hedin Medical Expense fund.  If you want to read more about Tom and why he has a medical fund you can click right here and a new window will open up with a link to my first post…

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Monday Quiz About Me But on Thursday 1


Brenda Youngerman posted these questions & answers this week.  It looked like fun, so I decided to give it a try, how about you?  Here are this week’s questions:

1. What is your favorite kind of soup?  Actually, I love Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup best, followed very closely by Campbell’s Tomato with Rice soup.  But of course, the soup depends entirely on what you’re eating it with or sometimes on the circumstances.  There is absolutely no substitute for Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches or Scotch Broth on a cold winter day, Chicken Noodle when you have a cold & Beef with Barley in the fall.  Can you tell I love soup?  And yet I so rarely eat it, except tonight for some reason hubby had a craving for Tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches.

2. When was the last time you saw snow?  Actually I can look out my patio door window to the balcony to see snow right now.  I last saw falling snow on Thursday of last week.

3. What is a must have trait if someone is going to live with you?  They must be neat, quiet in the mornings since I like to sleep in if at all possible & self-entertaining.  There is nothing that bugs me more than someone who wants to chatter when I’m reading or watching TV.

4. Who was your favorite James Bond?  I have actually liked all the James Bonds, even the guy who only appeared in one movie.  I still think Sean Connery is very sexy.

And the all important 5th question:

Do you enjoy traveling for business?  No, but I love to travel for pleasure.  When you have to travel for business, there are always schedules to be followed.  You can’t just go where you want when you want.  And you’re always stuck in long meetings or seminars, tres boring!

30 Ways Part 2


Yesterday I completed the first 15 questions of the 30 Day Challenge & I was chuffed to see how many others thought this was a good idea. Some of you have even started working on the lists yourselves.  Thanks again to Pink Ninjabi for starting us off on this journey.

So without further ado, let’s continue:

16.  Something you always think “what if” about – What if there had not been a 2 year waiting list to become a stewardess when I graduated from high school?  My life may have gone in a whole other direction & I probably wouldn’t be afraid to fly now!

17.  Something you’re proud of – Each & every one of my children of course!  They aren’t all perfect, by an means, but they are all special individuals who are all working on becoming the best people they can be.

18.  A problem you have had – Too numerous to mention

19.  Five items you lust after –  I would like to be a published author; an ocean cruise to Australia so I wouldn’t have to fly & I love cruising; a housekeeper who cooks; winter vacations every year; bi-weekly pedicures.

20.  Your fears – heights, flying, spiders, snakes

21.  How you hope your future will be like – having a nice ‘nest egg’, living in a wonderful cottage on the beach in the Caribbean with a guest house where Hotspur et al could live & we could edit each other’s writing making us each world famous authors.

22.  Your academics – some university, some job specific courses

23.  Something you miss – my best friend Bandit who passed away a little over a year ago.

24.  Five words/phrases that make you laugh – kinkulator (how my daughter used to pronounce calculator); Bill Engvall’s  “Here’s Your Sign” jokes;  Russell Peter’s “Somebody’s going to get a whooping” jokes;

25.  Something you’re currently worrying about – finances (since I lost my job)

26.  Things you dislike & like about yourself – I hate my nose & love my lips & eyes

27.  A quote you try to live by – If not excellence, what?  If not excellence now, when?  I believe this is by Tom Peters in his book `The Search for Excellence`.

28.  Somewhere you`d like to move to or visit – I`d like to visit Australia; I`d like to live somewhere in the Caribbean, right on the ocean.

29.  Five weird things you like – peanut butter on my hot dogs, cream cheese chip dip on nacho chips, After 8 hot chocolate (considering how hard it is to find, no one else must like it), old English series like Prime Suspect & MI5, juice & ginger ale mixed.

30.  One thing you`re excited for – winning a lottery!

30 Ways!


I got this from Pink Ninjabi & thought it was so interesting I would do the challenge myself.  I will probably do half today & half tomorrow instead of all in one go like she did, especially since some of them have to do with music & as I’ll explain below, I don’t spend a lot of time listening to music anymore.

  1. Five ways to win your heart – Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate & flowers.
  2. Something you feel strongly about – Women’s Rights!  I am part of the generation who grew up during the fight for these rights & even though I was usually too young to participate, I was very impressed with the women who were in the thick of it.  I remember women burning their bras & the marches, when birth control became common place, the fight for equal pay & all the rest of it.
  3. A book you love – Anything written by Stephen King or Gone With the Wind.
  4. Bullet your whole day – Get up; perform daily ablutions; make & drink a cup of coffee; check blog & make replies; check Facebook games; make dinner & eat; watch some TV; go back to blog & check replies; finish off Facebook games for the day; go to bed about 2:30 a.m.; repeat.  If I were still working I would go to work & come back & only check blog once a day & Facebook games once a day.  Exciting, huh?
  5. Things you want to say to an ex – “If you would only get your head out of the bottle for a little while, we might have had a better chance.”
  6. Your views on mainstream music – I prefer music from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s more. I do like some of the current artists, but not too many.
  7. Five pet peeves – People who lie; People who abuse their positions; People who hold grudges; People who like to get “even”; People who feel powerful when they put other people down.
  8. What you ate today – So far a cup of coffee & a cinnamon raisin bagel.  Plan chicken & rice for dinner.
  9. How important you think education is – Very!  I think it’s very sad that children do not learn how to spell or write anymore, that schools have no money for music & art programs.
  10. Put your music player on shuffle & write the first 10 songs that play – sorry, I don’t listen to music so I have no music in my player.
  11. Your family – My parents are still alive & living in Winnipeg; I have 1 sister who lives in Winnipeg, she is divorced & has 3 boys; I am married for the 2nd time, I have one biological daughter, six stepchildren & three children of my heart, all of whom live in Winnipeg.
  12. Five guys you find attractive – Cary Grant, Matthew Modine, Hugh Grant, Sean Connery, Samuel L. Jackson.
  13. Your opinions about your body & how comfortable you are with it – I am not happy with the weight I have gained since I quit smoking.
  14. What you wore today – Not working, so I wore a house dress all day
  15. Your Zodiac/horoscope & if you think it fits you – I am a Sagittarius, I hate routine, I am creative, artistic & spontaneous.  My sign fits me perfectly.

How about you?  Will you take the challenge?  I would love to read your responses so please link back to me if you decide to take up the challenge.

My Favorite Things


The Laughing Housewife posed a challenge earlier this week about naming our favorite things based on the Sound of Music. Since I haven’t participated in a writing challenge in quite a while, I thought I would start out slow with something I already know.  It was surprisingly difficult though to narrow it down to just a few things to fit into a post.

Since my list keeps growing the older I get, I thought I would break them down in categories:


As I’ve mentioned before in my posts, I have a sweet tooth that would fit into the mouth of a Tyrannasaurus Rex, a lot of my favorites are sweets:  I like donuts (yeast raised preferably), chocolate cupcakes, banana bread, carrot muffins, Jeannies Cake (a bakery in Wpg. where the cakes are set on short bread & covered in a wonderful cooked icing that is so light it melts in your mouth), carrot cake with cream cheese icing, red velvet cake, key lime pie, banana cream pie, pumpkin pie, believe it or not I actually like fruit cake both light & dark with almond paste icing, trifle, chocolate of just about any kind, especially dark chocolate, jello with fruit, pudding, peanut butter on hot dogs or bananas, apples, peaches, pears, strawberries, green grapes, apricots, cashews, macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans, pizza, pasta with alfredo sauce & melting cheese.


I love the smell of freshly baked bread, freshly washed hair, my hubby’s aftershave, clean laundry, cooked apples & cinnamon, coffee brewing, roses, carnations, lilies, vanilla, frying onions, bacon,  & scented candles.


Large bodies of water (like lakes or oceans so I love cruising), big fluffy snowflakes that fall when the temperature isn’t too cold, the first crocuses of spring, pussy willows, bull rushes, flights of geese, & butterflies flitting over a meadow.


Children laughing, bells ringing, Christmas carols, disco music, the Beatles, ABBA, Simon & Garfunckel, Bryan Adams, believe it or not a lot of Lady Gaga songs, Cindy Lauper, Michael Buble & the words “I Love You” from my hubby or any of my children.


Like I said, as I grow older, my list keeps growing, so I’m sure there are many things I’ve forgotten but this should give you a good idea.

What are your favorite things?

What Do You Regret Having Done?


A couple of weeks ago, there was a lot of tagging going on in my neck of the woods of the blogosphere. I tagged Edward Hotspur with the question “What are you most proud of & why?” To which I received a wonderful answer & a tag back. Edward posed 11 questions & tagged a number of bloggers & challenged us to pick one, so I picked the one posed above.

The thing I regret the most is my first wedding – not my first marriage because I did everything in my power to make the marriage work.  I regret the wedding because if I had just called it off I could have saved myself almost 5 years of heart ache.

I remember waking up the morning of my wedding, laying in my bed alone & thinking, “If I didn’t have 135 people showing up to see me get married today I don’t think I would go.”  And isn’t that just about one of the saddest statements you’ve ever read?  I knew it was a mistake to get married & I went ahead with it anyway because I didn’t want to cause a fuss or embarrass myself, my parents & a whole lot of other people.  The saddest part is I was not a young teenager when this happened, I was 27 years old!  And I still didn’t have enough guts to stand up for myself!

My husband-to-be had a recurrence of chicken pox just before the wedding & so I had to hold him up at the altar.  Because he was sick we didn’t dance together the entire evening except for our obligatory first waltz.  When we left our reception, we went out for pizza before going back to our hotel where my new husband promptly fell asleep.  Little did I know this would be the start of almost 5 years of this man sleep walking through our marriage.

I don’t hate this man (I used to be quite angry at him for a few years, but the anger has long passed as I have accepted my part in the failure of our marriage).  He turned out to be a wonderful parent to our daughter.  I just wish I hadn’t married him in the first place.

How Astute Are You?


Check out Hobbling Around today, she has a great fun game going on. http://hobbling.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/hear-ye-hear-ye/




Here are 6 true things about myself that I have mentioned somewhere on my blog. 1 thing is a lie. You get to guess which one is the lie.

1.  I was once a model.

2.  I am a chocoholic with a sweet tooth that would fit comfortably in the mouth of a T-Rex.

3.  I’m afraid of snakes.

4.  I once was a cheerleader for a football team.

5.  I am an insommniac.

6.  I live in Winnipeg, Canada

7.  I have 1/7/10 children depending on how you count them.

Now go do this for yourself & link back to me so I get to read your answers too!

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