This week we go back to a word prompt:- …but I turned it off….

Please make sure you include these 5 words in your piece plus another 100 words. If you have found yourself in this space wondering what ever this is all about do read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ . Hopefully it will tell you that the 100WCGU is a weekly creative writing challenge for people over 16! Do join in and share your words!

This is my entry for 100 WCGU, Week 34.

Transcript of the trial of Dr. Forgetful:

Prosecution:  “Doctor, you performed surgery on Mrs. Benzeknees on December 29, 2011 did you not?”

Dr. Forgetful:  “Correct.”

Prosecution:  “And what was the surgery  for doctor?”

Dr. Forgetful:  “Mrs. Benzeknees wanted to lose weight & I’m successful in suppressing the the brain’s hunger centres.”

Prosecution:  “Doctor, would it surprise you to learn the surgery was not successful?”

Dr. Forgetful:  “But I turned it off . . .”

Prosecution:  “Are you sure?   Mrs. Benzeknees did not lose any weight, but she quit smoking the same day & has now been smoke free for almost 90 days.”

Dr. Forgetful:  “Oh my, what have I done?”


Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts.

I also somehow wanted to work into the story an update on my Quit Smoking goal & I’m happy to report I am almost 90 days smoke free!  It was not easy but also not nearly as hard as I had anticipated.  I remember telling my physician if he wanted me to quit smoking he needed to block off about a week in his calendar so he could monitor me while I was in a coma in order to get me to quit!  The cravings still surprise me with their strength from time to time but I am keeping my fingers crossed I am finally a non-smoker.