Credit:  Benzeknees hubby

Credit: Benzeknees hubby

Yesterday was our 12th Anniversary!  We celebrated by ordering in pizza on Friday night.  We usually don’t order in, so to us it was a bit of a treat. We are sooooo bad, we still eat in the living room in front of the TV.   On Thursday night, after dinner:

“You want a fudgesicle?”  Kelvin asked, as he picked up our plates to take them into the kitchen.

“Sure.”  I allow myself this one treat a day since I love chocolate so much.

Kelvin took the plates into the kitchen & put them in the dishwasher.  The load was almost full so he added a couple of dishes in the sink then he started the dishwasher.  On the way back to the couch, he filled his glass with water from the cooler & then sat down.

“Hmmph” I cleared my throat.

“Yeah, yeah,”  Kelvin grumped as he headed for the freezer to get the fudgesicles.