credit:  61 Musings

credit: 61 Musings

This week’s prompt is:

Fantasy Vacation

You have just won an all-expenses-paid week of vacation. Where would you go? What would you do? This is your fantasy vacation, so let your imagination soar. There are no limits of time, space, or even your own identity. You can leave your job, your family, everyone and everything at home if you like (just make sure they don’t read your blog or you’ll have a lot of explaining to do). Go for it!

credit:  Online Stock Photos

credit: Online Stock Photos

I know, I know – cruise ships have gotten a bad reputation lately!  But the best vacation I ever had was a one week cruise around the Bahamas.  

I love that everything is done for you, you never have to worry about a meal or entertainment, everything is right at your fingertips!  The food was divine!

For people like me (who love to play games) there are games going on all around the ship at different times of days.  I even won a prize for being able to take my bra off the fastest & get it to the stage first!  (all without removing my shirt of course, you pervs!)

The staff is always friendly, the beds are to die for!  I have never slept on such a comfortable bed in all my life & the pillows are heavenly.  We had a port side stateroom with a balcony & I loved sitting on the balcony watching the ship enter & leave the different destinations on our cruise.

You can choose to be busy almost every day by taking excursions when you reach a port or you can just enjoy the peace & sun aboard ship.  There are saltwater pools & regular pools, rock climbing, running tracks, salons & spas, a place where you can tan topless if you wish, places to dance, drink, shop & gamble.  It’s like a floating city!

I loved everything about our cruise & would do it again!  I would love to do the Alaskan cruise & another Bahamas cruise.

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